How to Find the Toothbrush of Your Dreams

How to Find the Toothbrush of Your Dreams

Yes, we do work wonders on our patients, but the real magic comes from the care that happens outside of our practice. Consistent care for your teeth (read: brushing and flossing) are essential for optimal dental health. And while we wish we could take care of our patients daily (that’s how much we adore all of you!), a state-of-the-art toothbrush will do just fine. 

To ensure that your toothbrush is up to snuff, make sure to ask your dental hygienist for a recommendation. As our dentists like to say, “Medium toothbrushes are good for car parts, not your teeth!” so look for one with soft bristles for a comfortable and safe choice. If your spouse or friend has an electric toothbrush, purchase your own head and give theirs a whirl. Make sure that the head size allows access to all surfaces of your teeth and see how it feels. 

Most patients don’t know that we can help train you on proper technique! Bring your newfound toothbrush into your next appointment for a brush up (pun intended) on angles and duration. Before you know it, your pearly whites will be in their best shape ever. 

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