Dental Technology

At Belleville Dental Care, our dentists offer dental technologies to help educate patients and create custom prosthetics, such as dental crowns. 

Belleville Dental Experience

Small town personality, big city technology.

Dr. Ryan Whyte uses dental equipment and technology at our practice.

3-D X-Rays

At Belleville Dental Care, you’ll receive a 3-D X-ray so we can get a full picture of your dental health and complete procedures with precision.

Our cone beam machine is also low-dose in radiation to help ensure the comfort for our patients.

OraVital® System

The OraVital® System allows us to identify and treat infections that cause cavities and gum disease.

Along with antibiotics or oral rinses, the OraVital® System can help control gum disease in most patients in as little as four weeks. Learn more »

Carivu Dexis

A small light with lots of power. Used independently or in tandem with X-rays, Carivu Dexis' transillumination technology helps identify problem areas in your teeth.

Its precise light allows us to see through the tooth so that we can take action if needed. With Carivu Dexis, we can see the light—literally!


Another one of our pieces of equipment is the CEREC machine. Instead of doing impressions manually, our patients do them digitally. You can also get a crown milled (in the same day) to avoid multiple visits.

Pala Denture

We've all heard about 3D printers, but did you know that our 3D printer can create dentures? Eliminate the headache of normal denture creation with our process through Pala Digital Dentures. That means less wait time, less recurring visits, and more time for you to smile.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

For some, extractions are unavoidable (although we try our darnedest to avoid them)! We use PRF technology to help with the healing process. The process is simple: A small sample of blood is taken, spun in a machine, and then inserted into the extraction cavity to create a plug.

Since your body recognizes the biochemistry, there's minimal resistance to healing properly. It is a relatively low-risk process. 

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