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At Belleville Dental, we offer oral surgery services from simple tooth extractions to sinus lifts, all under one roof to keep our patient's smiles happy and healthy.

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Oral Surgery in Belleville & Tweed


At Belleville Dental Care, our first priority is to save a damaged tooth. In some cases, where a tooth is too diseased to save we may recommend that tooth be extracted. » Learn More

Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Belleville Dental Care we offer wisdom tooth extractions to patients who's wisdom teeth have only partially erupted or are causing tooth crowding. » Learn More

Root Canals

At Belleville Dental Care in Belleville and Tweed, we offer root canal therapy to help save your infected tooth. We may recommend a root canal if you have a tooth that has developed, or will likely develop an infection in the soft tissue (pulp) inside the tooth. » Learn More

Sinus Lift

At Belleville Dental Care in Belleville and Tweed, we offer patients sinus lifts who require new bone growth for their dental implant. What is a sinus lift? » Learn More

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