Root Canal Procedures & Therapy in Belleville

At Belleville Dental Care, we offer root canal therapy to help save your infected tooth. 

What is root canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure, performed by our dentists, to remove the infected pulp tissue from inside your affected tooth.

What can I expect during a root canal?

At Belleville Dental Care, we will begin by applying a local anaesthetic to the area surrounding the affect tooth. Next, we will proceed to remove the infected pulp from your tooth. Once the infected pulp has been completely extracted, we fill in the hollow area in the tooth with dental material. Often, we will place a crown over the tooth to provide additional strength and structure, as well as to protect from future damage.

When might I need a root canal?

We may recommend a root canal if you have a tooth that has developed, or will likely develop an infection in the soft tissue (pulp) inside the tooth.

This type of infection cannot clear up naturally and may lead to an abscess. An abscess can even negatively impact your overall health.

If an abscess develops, this could lead to other complications, including loss of that tooth or even bone loss in some cases.

A root canal can help remove the infection and prevent future infections from developing.

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