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Our dentists at Belleville Dental Care provide our patients a range of general dental services to help maintain your healthy smile. We even provide treatment for patients suffering from Sleep Apnea and TMJ.

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General Dental Services, Belleville

Hygiene & Prevention

The most effective way to keep your smile healthy is with regular oral hygiene care, including a thorough home brushing routine, and regular visits with our Belleville Dental Care team. » Learn More

Crowns & Bridges

Your Belleville dentist may recommend a dental crown or bridge to help repair a cracked or damaged tooth. » Learn More


Whether your tooth is broken or you have a cavity, our Belleville Dental Care team will work to remove any decayed portion and repair it with a filling. » Learn More


At Belleville Dental Care, we may recommend custom dentures as a restorative dental treatment to replace one, multiple or even all of your top or bottom teeth. » Learn More

TMJ & TMD Services

Your Belleville dentists offer services to help relieve discomfort, aches and pain in your jaw and supporting muscles, often caused by TMJ disorder. » Learn More

Sleep Apnea Services

Are you affected by sleep apnea? Consult with your Belleville dentist today, to learn more about our services to help successfully treat sleep apnea - a serious disorder. » Learn More

Mouth Guards

At Belleville Dental Care we may recommend a mouth guard to help protect your teeth through sport activity or from grinding while you sleep, to get the rest you need. » Learn More

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