Custom Mouth Guard with a Donation to United Way!

Posted Sep 13th, 2018

Belleville Dental Care is offering custom mouth guards to help protect your smile with a donation to United Way!

Custom fit, protective sport and mouth guards.

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What is a Sports Guard?

A sports guard, also known as a mouth guard, is an oral appliance that helps protect teeth from damage during sports or other physical activity. While generic sports guards are available at sports stores, they may not fit properly fit your bite. Belleville Dental Care offers our patients custom mouth guards, that are fitted exactly to your mouth to provide optimal comfort and protection.

How can a mouth guard protect my smile?

Sports Mouth Guards, Belleville Dentist

Sports guards can help play a preventive role in dentistry for children and adults alike. A sports guard can help to protect your teeth from possible damage while playing sports.

What is the difference between store bought and custom-made mouth guards?

While generic sports guards may be purchased at most sports retail stores, they may not properly conform to your teeth and can prove less effective and comfortable that a custom made sports guard from a dental professional.

If you or your child plays sports, such as hockey or lacrosse, a fitted, custom made sports guards can help protect the teeth but also the mouth, neck and jaw. In fact, sports guards can also help provide some protection for the head and against sports-related concussions.

How does a custom mouth guard appointment work?

Schedule a fitting for you or your child between September 17th and October 26th. Bring a donation for United Way to the appointment and receive your custom-fitted mouth guard! 

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