Gum Contouring Treatment in Belleville

At Belleville Dental Care, our dentists offer teeth and gum contouring services to help shape and even remove excess gum where necessary. 

It is not uncommon for patients to have uneven gums or gums that cover a significant portion of their teeth. This could be due to genetics or even caused by certain prescription medications. This results in what is commonly referred to a "gummy" smile, with teeth that appear smaller than they should. At Belleville Dental Care, we offer services to help contour your teeth and gums.

Teeth Contouring

Contouring teeth involves shaving away excess tooth to reshape the exterior of the tooth. Typically, patients can expect the tooth shaving process to be completed within a single appointment.

Gum Contouring

We may recommend gum contouring for aesthetic purposes, or to help prepare for other cosmetic work, such as veneers. Contouring your gums involves removing excess gum tissue, this is sometimes referred to as a gum lift.

What can I expect from my procedure?

Typically, your gum shaping procedure can be completed in a single appointment. We will educate you on the proper procedures to care for your gums following your procedure to help avoid infection.

Within a day you can expect to be drink and eat normally. We may recommend a follow up appointment to ensure your gums are healing properly.

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